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Hello, I am a software dev with over 10 years of professional IT experience. I am a dedicated lifelong student, continuously seeking opportunities to enhance my expertise and adeptly tackle complex challenges. As a proactive individual, I take ownership of my responsibilities and consistently strive to help my team achieve excellence. My passions lie in networking and software development. I am dedicated to delivering top-quality products and solutions, and am excited for the opportunity to collaborate with your team to drive exceptional results.


IT/Cyber Security Auditor

January 2024 - Present
United Services Automobile Association(USAA)

In this role, I created supporting technical documents that drove forward the design and operating effectiveness of various controls related to the integration, monitoring, and reporting of information indicative of internal threats.

In addition, I updated process maps that identified business partner workflows that highlight technologies within the Internal Threat Management engagement, the work produced highlighted controls that require further refinement and opportunities for improvement.

Systems Administrator

December 2022 - May 2023
Piedmont Regional Council, Kernersville, NC

In this role, I expertly developed and implemented custom business solutions using Microsoft PowerApps. These solutions included automation of business processes and data visualization dashboards, which helped drive more informed business decisions and boost productivity for various departments within the organization.

Additionally, I successfully managed and administered the Azure cloud infrastructure for an organization of 200 people, including the deployment, configuration, and maintenance of virtual machines, storage, and network resources, resulting in increased scalability and security for the organization.

Information Technology Support Administrator

December 2021 - December 2022
10th Mountain Divsion, Fort Drum, NY

Served as the Infrastructure Manager who managed and provided supervision of the maintenance of applications and computing infrastructure activities, to include Windows, LAN, and cloud backups ensuring the company maintained availability and resilience of data.

Delivered same-day technical assistance to a diverse employee base of over 200 individuals located throughout the United States and ensured ticket to response and resolution resulted in less than 2-hour completion.

Director of Plans and Operations

January 2021 - December 2021
10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum, NY

In this role I was responsible for developing and executing plans, operations, and training for a 40 employee organization. Our organization was responsible for providing musical and logistical support to over 17,000 families and civilians in Upstate NY.

I developed a strategy for digital marketing, developed a vision and represented the unit director at meetings at the local and corporate levels; I prepared reports and made recommendations to the Deputy CEO following research on maximizing the returns on investment.


I enjoy tinkering and combining electricity and programming. In my alternative life I’d been a computer engineer as I have developed a hobby of building IOT devices. I truly just enjoy technology and hope you like what you see!

Inventory Management Application - The goal of this project was to design an Android inventory management application in Java with the ability to store users,inventory items, and quantities in an SQLite database.
Dash visualization dashboard for Animal Shelter - Simple application for tracking animals within the animal shelter utilizing the dash application connecting a python module with my REST API with mongodb and proofing work in jupyter notebooks
Open Access JPMorgan Chase Virtual experience - Analyze Datasets of Fraud in Financial Payments – Utilized Python and pandas’ library to analyze a large dataset. Created visualizations within Jupyter notebook to assist and to make better-informed business decisions.
OWASP Vulnerability Report/Suppression of False Positives - Set up IntelliJ environment to scan for vulnerabilities within banking app (with permission). Detected occurrences of bouncy house and identified and remediated false positives. Recommended the update of spring-boot and refactoring to ensure security and functionality. Testing and control design was paramount to this project.
Shopping Cart - My shopping cart project takes a text file and produces a list that outputs three things. A list of all produce and number of produce that was sold that day. A list of a specific item and how many times it was purchased in one day and a histogram of all produce items purchased on a particular day.

Skills & Proficiency